Dr. Dan Rogers, M.D., N.M.D.

A Cancer Answers Global Summit Speaker

The GersonPlus Therapy

A discussion of the Gerson Therapy for cancer and other chronic disease, pioneered by Dr. Max Gerson in 1928.

Dr. Dan Rogers, M.D., N.M.D. DR. DAN ROGERS, M.D., N.M.D., has more than 24 years of experience as a hospital administrator and practicing physician. He has also served as a director of several U.S. and multinational corporations in capacities such as CEO, President, and Board Chairman. In 1978, Dr. Dan Rogers, Dr. Victor Ortuño, and Dr. Arturo Ortuño started Hospital Jardines de La Mesa, in Tijuana, Mexico where the Gerson Therapy was used as the primary treatment for cancer and other degenerative diseases. In 1980, through a corporate merger with Hospital La Gloria, the two Gerson facilities became a single, united Gerson Treatment Center. Dr. Rogers assumed Medical Administration of the Gerson Therapy in Mexico at that time. He has continued to promote the use of Gerson Therapy at Centro Hospitalario Internacional Pacifico, S.A. (CHIPSA), where he is currently Chief of Staff, and Director of Clinical Investigations. In 1996 he began working with Dr. Josef Issels, to combine the Gerson Therapy with the Issels Whole-Body Immunotherapy, where he worked jointly with Dr. Issels for almost 3 years, until Dr. Issels passed away at the age of 90.

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