Dr. Galina Migalko, M.D.

A Cancer Answers Global Summit Speaker

Safe, Non-Invasive Diagnostic Testing for Preventing and Detecting Cancer

Learn about medical imaging techniques, including Thermography, which can detect cancer at early stages, long before standard medical tests.

Dr. Galina Migalko, M.D. DR. GALINA MIGALKO, M.D., brings more than 30 years of excellence in non-invasive diagnostic medical imaging. Her pioneering research in whole-body medical diagnostics using full-body thermography, full-body ultrasound and full-body functionality testing has set her apart as the world's leader in complementary and alternative medical scans. This unique form of testing the complete anatomy, physiology and functionality of the body has saved her patients time, energy and money by educating them on the root causes of their health issues to make intelligent decisions concerning medical treatments. Dr. Migalko has garnered international recognition for her clinical work and medical research in the early detection and treatment of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, metabolic acidosis, circulatory and lymphatic issues, infertility, and other preventable and treatable health challenges. Dr. Migalko is passionate about changing the current disease-centered view that dominates medical care to integrative health care, focusing on optimizing wellness rather than traditional disease management. Dr. Migalko provides diagnostic medical imaging at Universal Medical Imaging Group in Valley Village, California.

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