Jenny Hrbacek, R.N.

A Cancer Answers Global Summit Speaker

A Roadmap to True Early Cancer Detection Tests

A cancer survivor, Jenny discusses her extensive research on testing methods available for detecting cancer earlier than standard mammograms, colonoscopies and PSA counts.

Jenny Hrbacek, R.N. JENNY HRBACEK, R.N., set out on a life changing journey when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Today, she works with cancer patients offering them guidance, empowerment through knowledge, and real hope for a better outcome. She is the author of a new book titled Cancer Free! Are you SURE? The book is a result of several years of research into early diagnostic testing that can find cancer years before conventional screening finds it with a lump or bump. Jenny's book details these tests that can detect cancer years before it is typically picked up by a mammogram, PSA count, or PET scan. She tells you how to detect cancer far earlier, in time to prevent a full-blown diagnosis and how to reduce the risk of a recurrence of cancer She spent several years serving as a board member for "Reconstruction of a Survivor," a faith based organization that provides cancer support group sessions throughout the Houston metropolitan area.

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