Robert G. Wright

A Cancer Answers Global Summit Speaker

What You Need to Know About Cancer

Anti-Cancer Strategies from the author of Killing Cancer-Not People.

Robert G. Wright ROBERT G. WRIGHT is the founder and Director of the American Anti-Cancer Institute, which educates people world-wide regarding the real truth about cancer. Wright founded the AACI as the Educational presence for the proposed American Anti-Cancer Center: a 100-acre, cancer-healing complex. The Institute has come to spearhead the "alternative anti-cancer movement" destined to change the cancer paradigm well into the next two decades. Mr. Wright is a former Vice President of Sales for an American aerospace, electronics and space company and worked personally on the development of the International Space Station. After over twenty-five years of private study, Mr. Wright has emerged as an authentic American "cancer whisperer," counseling cancer patients free of charge since his founding of the AACI in 2008, teaching them to correct the underlying metabolic basis of the disease to elicit their own body's healing response.

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